Adventure Day Tours


Small Outdoor Adventure Company, With a BIG heart!

Local Playground With The Leading Certified Guides in The Business


The safety of our clients is our number one priority. We take every precaution necessary, so you know you're in good hands.


Even if we're not guiding a tour, we will be there either way. Every single one of us at Given2Fly is obsessed with the outdoors!


With over 28 years of experience, only the best and most knowledgeable guides work for Given2Fly - guiding you through every moment of your outdoor adventure!


It doesn't matter if it's rock climbing or sipping a Croatian beer in a stadium; we've got a wide range of adventures just waiting for someone to come and explore them!


Create memories with friends or loved ones during those precious moments in life when we are so invincible and carefree.


Our reviews speak more for us than we ever could!
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Why Given2Fly?


Only The Best Guides Join Given2Fly

With us, there is no messing around with two things – safety and passion! We have the craziest job interviews – our guides have to show that they know what they’re doing and love doing it on the spot. Have you ever had to paddle for a job interview? Our guides have! We have champion athletes in love with their craft combined with true sportsmanship. We are carefree – but we take our passion seriously.


We Are Small, But We Are Mighty

We choose quality over quantity. For us, it’s not about creating large groups that will inevitably lose contact at some point during the adventure or journey. It’s about forming small tribes that act like one single unit, individuals who can all contribute something different without losing touch with each other for even a second. By the end of the tour – you become family! 28 years and counting – we still keep in touch with most of our adventure friends! Learn more about Given2Fly friends!


We Are Obsessed With The Great Outdoors

Our days off look exactly like our days working! We are cliff jumping in the Adriatic Sea, Sunset Kayaking with Zinfandel vineyards views, or soaking in the views of the Kozjak and Mosor mountains while paddling around Marjan Park Forest. There’s something magical about exploring on foot, bike, kayak or paddleboard – it makes us feel like we are seizing every moment, not just living to pay bills! See more of our adventures here!


We Personalize Your Experience

We have tours suited for every personality type, whether you’re a first-time traveler or are planning a multiple-destination adventure. It makes no difference if you’re extroverted or introverted; it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or want to take it easy – our mission is to allow all travelers to discover the outdoors with tailor-made tours.


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