About Us

Given2Fly Adventures

We’d like to tell you that we started Given2Fly with a carefully crafted business plan, but the truth is that our beginnings were much simpler.  Given2Fly shared the same idea back in 2013 the way it does today: a group of friends getting together to share their love of life, adventure, travel, energy, delicious food, and a good bottle of wine. 


With so much experience in the outdoor industry, we combined our knowledge of adventure sports and skills acquired from years of working in the hospitality industry to create a unique way to explore the hidden treasures of Croatia. We are all outdoor experts and activity fans who deeply understand rock climbing, sailing, hiking, and kayaking. We decided to use insider knowledge, our love, time, and energy to the dream that you see Croatia through our eyes and try new experiences in our local playground. We live to teach a new generation of climbers, mountain trekkers, and outdoor lovers.


Although we have grown over the years, the core principles that have guided us from the start are still valid today: Safety first and quality before quantity. Safety because if you are not safe you can not have fun – we strive to make you feel safe without you even noticing how much effort and knowledge was put into making everything run smoothly. Quality because we still carry out our adventures with the same passion and curiosity as when we were those same students who set out on their first steps in the outdoors 28 years ago. We are sort of magicians because you arrive as a stranger, but within hours, you leave as a friend! 

Company Legal Data

Given2Fly, obrt za turizam i usluge
Vl. Mariana Andrijašević
Plinarska 25, 21000 Split
OIB: 37154086060
MBO: 97447277
Mobile: +385 95 391 0202
Email: given2flyadventures@gmail.com


Buisness Account:
Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d
ŽR: HR0324020061140229736