Passion For The Action - Why do we Love Rock Climbing so Much?

Outdoor activity is good for you and no one can say otherwise, no research ever said: that “spending less time being active is great” or “never going outside is linked to better mental health”.

There is no point in explaining the benefits of spending time in nature if you are reading this – you already know. Even if you’re not an active person, you still know. But why do some of us love the adrenaline of basically hanging on for dear life on a rock so much? What is it about rock climbing specifically that makes us so passionate about it? Here are a few reasons:

Rock Climbing Changes Your Outlook on Life

When you first start climbing, some routes and moves are terrifying. Then day by day, you see yourself being a little less scared. The prospect and the idea of falling which was once a thought in your head that like a mosquito on a hot summer night is no longer haunting you. The best part is that it carries over to other aspects of your life. Things that were once anxiety-inducing are no longer so. Some climbers say climbing cured them of their social anxiety, some say it made them say yes to risky opportunities. Rock climbing teaches you happiness is outside of your comfort zone. When you master a difficult move, the reward you feel is a million times stronger than any instant dopamine-releasing activity. Anyone who has ever achieved something with hard work knows this feeling of accomplishment, we just get to feel it all the time.

Climbing Gets You in Shape, But You Don’t Even Notice it Happening

Climbing is a puzzle. There is always an easier way to get up there. You have to think – really think – how to position your body and you have to find an easier way up there. As you climb, you get so caught up in the puzzle you have to solve – or you’re going to die / fall / just hang there forever that workout is the last thing on your mind. You’re not up there thinking, man I should be using my biceps more, but while you’re busy mastering the next move, you don’t even notice that you’re getting in shape. All of a sudden, your arms are toned, your posture is better, and your fat has evaporated. Nice.

Climbing is The Most Powerful Trust Exercise

Once you are in this rock climbing world, you know you have to trust your gear and your belayer so much that you don’t even mind letting go of the rock because you know they’ll catch you. It takes a lot of strength to give up control, it takes a lot of courage to be that vulnerable, but you simply know they got you and that you will achieve highs you would have never achieved alone. Then you’ll see that difficult routes are now simple. Impossible routes are now difficult. Routes that are currently impossible are now goals.

Rock Climbing Community is The Most Supportive in The World

You will meet far better climbers than you are, but in this community, no one will ever gloat, rub it in or make you feel anything less than your potential greatness. Your climber friends will discuss strategies to improve, give you pointers and make your life easier. The community is at once casual and easy-going while at the same time so passionate and hardworking. A beautiful emotional aspect of climbing is that climbing a route at your level or eventually beating a difficult move are both thrilling experiences, but seeing your friends achieve their goals and ambitions is just as rewarding.

It’s A Fantastic Way to Enjoy Your Own Company

When you’re on the rock, you can’t think about anything else. While the community is amazing, when it comes to climbing, it’s just you and the rock. The sport has a combination of an individual activity with a wonderful social aspect to it. You can only think about the moment you are in. “If I put my leg out to the left” or “Maybe there’s a hook I’m missing.” Living in the moment – no past, no future, just the now – it’s a spiritual experience. This is what meditation is all about, learning to live in the now. We just took meditation to the extreme.

The Scenery You Get to Enjoy

Yes, the wonderful bonus and the end is that you get to see some gorgeous scenery—spectacular views, golden and crimson sunsets, seasides and mountains – you name it.  You get to enjoy a sense of being taken out of yourself and feel as if you are dissolving into the patterns you are watching, with enormous joy, accomplishment and humility.
If you want to try rock climbing in Croatia and you’re a  beginner –  our licensed and experienced guides will watch you gain first-hand knowledge of the climbing techniques. They will get the climbing gear and make sure everyone is safe on every step while climbing. More experienced climbers will get the chance to improve their level of climbing and create memorable experiences while climbing surrounded by the stunning Marjan forest park.